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WELCOME!  And thanks for coming by!

We are a Boutique Portrait studio in Mansfield, photographing families in Mansfield, Arlington and surrounding areas in DFW since 2007.   While building relationships with our clients, we specialize in creating wall portraits to be displayed as art that reflect the subject's true heart and personality, while complimenting the style and decor of your home.  Our clients often see portraits differently... not just as small prints that often get missed on a shelf, but as art pieces that are cherished and celebrated along the walls of their home. 


Once you've looked through our work and information and determined that we are the portrait photographer for you, give us a call and let's get you scheduled!  It is best to contact the studio at least 4 weeks in advance of the date you are wanting to have a portrait session (in the fall, call even earlier because of Holiday deadlines and availability!).  However, if you need something sooner than later, call us anyway.  Sometimes we have had someone  reschedule or we may be able to squeeze you in. 


Once you have booked a date for your session, we will also plan your Pre-Session Consultation appointment where all of your questions will be answered.  Come and meet with us at our studio for a short while, look around and get ideas about what you'd like from your session, and plan to talk about and determine clothing, location, who will be photographed, and ideas you have in mind (if any... if not, we have lots!).  You will also see various ways to display your images and be able to look through our collections, books, Christmas cards, etc. and begin thinking about the type of portraits we can create for your home. Plan around 25-30 minutes (Senior Consultations are a bit longer).


We shoot primarily in the Mansfield area, outdoors, Monday-Friday by appointment, typically as we approach twilight (or early morning) to get the best and most flattering lighting.  I will work with you to make you feel comfortable (sometimes acting like a total goof... whatever it takes!), offering, when needed,  *guided* posing to help you look your best.   If it's little kiddos, we just let them be them, photographing them all the while, with a few tricks up our sleeves for smiles and such.   What to wear?  Think about some of the tones that will look best in the area where your portraits will be displayed, textures and layers are best, and we recommend staying away from stark white or 'matchy-matchy' shirts... we will talk in depth about this at your Consultation.

While shooting some looking-at-camera-smiling images, we also love more interactive, natural, you-being-yourself *lifestyle* shots.... you can expect a variety of images, some 'posed', some not, some close and some far away, a little bit of everything.  Sessions can last from 30 minutes (small children typically give us about that much time before they are quite ready to move on to the next thing!) to around 2 hours (Seniors, that's you).  With children, depending on age, you may want to have a snack or lovie on hand, and/or plan for a fun treat afterwards if doable.  Head's up... I've had many invitations to dinners and ice cream after the sessions from kiddos... ("Mom, can't she come home with us?  pleeeeesssse??!")!


Your in-studio viewing/ordering appointment is scheduled 1-3 weeks after your session.  You will view images in our studio on a large screen TV and we will help narrow them down to your favorites and guide you through the design and selection process.  While it seems overwhelming, we take as long as needed to help you and make you feel comfortable with all of your selections.  Clients also find it helpful to bring lists and wall measurements to this appointment to better prepare for what they would like to select for family members, wall display, etc.  

Because we do not offer online ordering and schedule limitations do not allow for additional ordering appointments, please make sure that everyone who will want to view and order from your session comes.  If you find that you are unable to allow around 1-2 hours for this appointment and/or that a decision maker will not be able to make it, we will reschedule your appointment for a date when he or she can be there and/or you have time to devote to making your selections.  Years from now, you will be glad that you took the time to carefully select the portraits that are most loved by all involved!  At this appointment, all of your choices will be finalized and paid in full.  Also, we recommend childcare for smaller children during this time to simplify the process for you.  Please ask us for the Studio Policies for more information or call us with any questions!